Friday, March 18, 2011


It could be the love of the library or openness to new ideas and knowledge, but I love to "browse around".  In fact the internet has provided me a whole new world  and way of browsing.  Library browsing was somewhat fixed based on the categories created by the dewy decimal system and the size of the library.  The internet unleashed a random almost infinite chaotic ocean available for treasure hunters like me. 

My rule of thumb is on any search (and by the way don't just search on google), go at least seven deep.  Add to that on any given dive (e.g. click on one of the search results) keep diving into the content at least three deep before surfacing back to the original search request.

So here is my suggestion for all you over focused, impatient, and driven people.  Take the time to occasionally browse on a completely random subject.  If that creates too much stress picking a new subject - then just use my blog.  Put the title of the blog into a search engine and happy browsing.

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