Monday, March 7, 2011

Loving Teachers

"People learn from the people they love" - David Brooks said on NPR as he was promoting his book "The Social Animal".

How coincidental - Jenna, Ellen, Susan and I were rewatching some old home videos of Jenna and Ellen learning to speak their colors. A favorite home video that the family enjoys watching as both girls had interesting reactions as I was "drilling" them on the color spectrum.

I think Mom was an excellent school teacher because she loved the kids and the kids felt it. Consequently like the quote above - they were open to learning. I'll bet you can remember distinctly your favorite teacher or boss. They wanted you to be successful --they were your biggest cheerleader.

Susan is in a program mentoring young adults who have emerged from the foster care system. She has created an unconditional love with her mentee hoping that some transfer of knowledge will occur. But creating a trust and love can be a long term transaction. Notice the quote says they learn from people THEY love. They must first love you before learning begins.

An interesting lesson for Teachers - I wonder if this is taught to those attempting to get degrees in Education.

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