Sunday, February 27, 2011

Forest Grooming

Something about a 60 degree day in February causes the need to get outside and do something. Two things guys love to do - dig or cut. So today was cut - get out the chainsaw and groom the forest - get rid of the honeysuckle bush.

Naturally there is the 30 -45 minute prep to get the chainsaw working again. But once the chain was tightened, with gas and oil things happened fast. Down came 50 or more bushes and that only made a slight dent in the forest behind the house.

Next I will need to get out there with a herbicide (Roundup) and attack the stumps or all that cutting will be for naught.

We have this great feeling when we try to "tame" nature. Make it follow our direction.

Unfortunately we are constantly reminded who is really in control. As the old commercial says "Don't mess with Mother Nature".

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