Saturday, February 26, 2011

See the Light

Get ready to smile - Yes I really did it - I went around the house counting all the light bulbs in the house (and outdoor also). TWO HUNDRED FORTY SIX light bulbs!!! No wonder GE is the only company that still exists since the history of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Also remember that they have been encouraging (with Governmental help) replacing all those bulbs with the new florescent type.

Susan knows my pet peeve about turning out the dang lights when you leave the house - and I'm trying to teach my girls that habit also. So I also went around and counted the bulbs that Susan insists be on continuously 24/7. Her guess was seven ---- the real answer 22 almost 10% of our bulbs!!!!

Add to that the appliances that silently chug away consuming KWH without your knowledge - Electric Water Heater, Fountain Pump, TV's, Computers, Hot Water Dispensers, Hot Water Circulators, Refrigerators, Wine Cabinet, Clocks, Phones, Battery Chargers, Modems, Night lights, ..... I'm sure I missed a few. Another reason to invest in Duke Energy.

Dad said the other day - "There was a time I worried about all this" when we talked about the thermostat settings and comfort in the house. " Now, I don't really pay that much attention to those things ".

Maybe that is a way of "Seeing the Light" :)

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