Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Closet Junk Collector

It hit me when he said "I'm finding ways to get rid of stuff - I'm trying hard to simplify --  even my closet".   The visual of my closet immediately came to my mind.  My closet is packed full of too many clothes (and I include shoes with that) -  and to make matters worse I have an extra closet downstairs for the spring/summer season that I have not yet   swapped. 
The reality is, I wear the favorites most of the time (or the better word is wear out).  And I get tempted each year to  buy new clothes.  Maybe I should create  rule like I try to do in the stock market - don't acquire a new stock without deleting an old stock.

I wish my clothes were technologically smart enough to give me a time date when last worn (like the aging of accounts receivable).  Maybe I could wear out the clothes evenly and replace only those that are worn out.

Unfortunately, I'm afflicted with the "can't throw anything away gene".  So I am doomed to be a Closet Junk Collector.

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