Friday, May 21, 2010


How many times have you "signed up" for something and completely read and understood the terms and conditions before you "clicked" the "I agree" button/box? And have you completely read your insurance (Home, Auto, and Health) certificate/plan? How about that all those financial documents - credit card, mortgage loan etc.?

"I agree" is part of risk taking. I'll sign something and worry about the details later. So it is experience of "getting burned" that reminds you that a signature is a contract - something you must uphold.

I discovered this when I questioned the $30 of Premium Messaging charges on my Verizon Bill. Yes - I hit the I agree button not knowing what I had really agreed to. I hate that feeling of being "scammed" and then told you were the dummy who signed up for the scam. It's only partially the feeling of losing $30 (although those that know me - know how badly that feels to me also) - the real emotion is about being called stupid as you envision the world laughing and pointing at the dunce.

Am I stupid - press here ----- I AGREE

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