Monday, May 31, 2010

No, Yes, Maybe

Ellen, when asked about doing something, will answer quickly NO, then pause and say YES, and quickly follow the yes with MAYBE. I was reminded of this at lunch as we discussed the natural tendency to object to things first - whether it is aversion to change or the fact it wasn't your idea first.

In some cases people object to it - just to buy time to think it over (similar to Ellen's NO, YES, MAYBE). In fact, most change requires "greasing the skids" (to use a business term). The reality is it is always necessary to sell your idea - bring the other party to a "win-win" scenario of your suggestion.

Selling is anticipating the NO, and preparing for the MAYBE even after they have said YES (since there is always that second guessing after the purchase - called buyers remorse).

Decisions are always variable, I think - or did I say maybe :)

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