Saturday, May 15, 2010

Marketing Contests

Get a free vacation; you have just won - GUARANTEED, one of three prizes - a 55 inch HDTV, a $3000 gift certificate, or a set of kitchen knives just call this number...... These contests must work since I have received material or telephony calls like this ever since I can remember.

What have you ever won in your life? The dollar value of any contest you signed up for? I asked this of Joe the other day. Yes we both could point to some kind of golf prize but nothing big (i.e. over $1K in value). Steve buys a Mega Million and Powerball ticket twice a week. Only four tickets (ranging from $2 -$7) have won. Lyle on the other hand has story after story of his contest wins.

Today I got suckered into a Cadillac promotion combining free stuff (umbrella and gift card) with a 24 month lease giveaway contest.

Marketing contests will always work.

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