Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Half of a Decision

I remember the angst I was having deciding how, when and what to invest money in.  Using spreadsheets and back tested modeling the decision became more and more complicated.  Should I choose fund A or fund B.  Quickly I wrote down the pros and cons - the intangibles.  Still no clarity.  What's a person to do?   Wait for more clarity? more information? more facts?

A wise financial planner once told me: " If you can't make a full decision .....  make a half of a decision".

A Psychological Tip

Whenever you are called upon to make up your mind

And you are
hampered by not having any,

The best way to solve the dilemma,
you'll find

Is simply by spinning a penny.

No--not so that chance shall decide the affair

While you're
passively standing there moping

But the moment the penny is up in
the air

You suddenly know what you're hoping.     "Peoples Almanac"

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