Friday, May 14, 2010

Dreams and Things

I've had two recent forums where I was faced with the questions "What are your Dreams or What are you looking forward to? Every self help book I have read will tell you to visualize those dreams, write them down, cut out a picture and place it on your mirror. This follows the theory that the "power of the mind" will constantly motivate you toward those goals.

What happens when those Dreams are things - cars, planes, houses or events - vacation, retirement, marriage ? Suddenly the dream is sharply in focus, specific, detailed, measurable and very tangible.

Instead I prefer a dream to be fuzzy, out of focus, allusive, and difficult to measure - that feeling you have while dreaming as you enter consiousness from deep sleep. As you awake, you attempt to snap the photo of the dream and it wisks away and the picture is at best a blur of colors.

And you smile and tell someone, I had this great dream. But I can't tell you anyTHING about it.

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