Wednesday, May 19, 2010

How to become a Millionaire

Millionaire in the title of a book will automatically cause some people to pick it up (people like me). Titles like "The Millionaire in You", "The Millionaire Next Door", "The Millionaire Mind" ....... the list goes on and on.

The easy way to become a Millionaire is all input and no output - save but don't spend.

Jenna and I worked for a few hours today on subject of Roth IRA's. I hope the light bulb went on for her. The way to be a Millionaire when you are 55 is to start a Roth at 18, invest $4-5K per year for 40 years and watch it grow.

Saving, Spending, Investing are all terms that work with Money and Time. Combine the right combination of these words and you get a Million.

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